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The Best Anime/Manga Quotes Ever
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Anime Quote: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
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... : What are some of the best quotes you've heard from watching anime
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Best Quote Ever. trollface.jpg.. Dear Op, Nobody gets the joke so this ...
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Anime Quotes Fairy Tail (1)
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anime best quotes ever
The Best Anime/Manga Quotes Ever
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Itachi Uchiha. He's my favourite Naruto character. He taught me so ...
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Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama
HURRAY GUYS! You get a choice to choose a name for you guys. SO VOTE ...
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Roy Mustang's Famous Quote Picture
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Not only is this a moving, shocking, and all-around incredible quote ...
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Love breathes when you’re out of breath.
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