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some people
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Feeling Alone
ISTJ Speak. Haha oh so true. OHHH being a dreamer (INFJ) with the ...
Just because I don’t usually talk to anyone, that doesn’t mean I ...
Not Interested
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INFP thing. It's funny. I can talk in random conversations ALL the ...
... ve had to deal with there s a few who get it and i ll talk to you
This happens to me a lot, and I'm actually fairly adept with words ...
Pay attention! ~♥~
Small talk, people, introverts
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INFJ - I rarely share my problems with anyone. I don't like burdening ...
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ö¿ö] OMG yes
speak loudly in silence
Anais Nin artfully phrasing the term "There are two kinds of people ...
INFJs Introverts. Highly sensitive souls. Passionate and soulful ...
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INFJ: More like what I said & What I thought about saying... Just ...
INFJ / misəˈlānēəs/
Quiet by Susan Cain
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INFJ? Interesting!
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... and to just be able to go fishing and just talk to a certain person
Everyone is welcome, unless your a bully, rude or disrespectful; then ...
... speak, & notice more than you realize." Perfect quote for teenagers
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INFJ. i often write letters to my friends before i talk to them so ...
Slow to speak... This is so me:)
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then where is the right world?