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John Buford, Jr. was a Union cavalry officer during the American Civil War. A West Point regular, born in the divided border state of Kentucky, he had many Southern connections, but opted to stay in the Union Army. His first command was a cavalry brigade under Major General John Pope, and he distinguished himself at Second Bull Run, where he was wounded, and also saw action at Antietam and Chancellorsville... (wikipedia)

The zeal, bravery, and good behavior of the officers and men on the night of June 30, and during July 1, was commendable in the extreme.

During the whole campaign, from June 27 to July 31, there has been no shirking or hesitation, to tiring on the part of a single man so far as I have seen; the brigade commanders reported none.

We entered Gettysburg in the afternoon, just in time to meet the enemy entering the town, and in good season to drive him back before his getting a foothold.

I am disgusted and worn out with the system that seems to prevail.

Found everybody in a terrible state of excitement on account of the enemy's advance upon this place.

I am willing to serve my country, but do not wish to sacrifice the brave men under my command.

General: I attempted to take Williamsport yesterday, but found too large a force of infantry and artillery. After a long fight, I withdrew to this place.

If the regulars are to be put together, I believe they would prefer me to the other Cavalry Commanders.

I can do nothing with the enemy save observe him.

If I have any choice I would prefer Western Troops.

John Buford Quotes
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John Buford, Jr. (March 4, 1826 – December 16, 1863) was a Union ...
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John Buford Quotes
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John Buford Quotes
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