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Depression quotes
Piece of cake!!
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He's a Piece Of Shit!
piece of shit!!
Piece of shit.
You honestly deserve better than that piece of shit
piece of shit right next to him maybe we re all just human and he ...
Hypocrite piece of shit
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... is an art, but the traitor himself is a piece of shit. - Mike Tyson
to every idiot piece of shit worth nothing that has told me more than ...
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Pieces of you...
... again to bad i can t say the same for you you lying piece of shit
cruel, selfish piece of shit
Real nigga / fake nigga know the differences
Lying piece of shit another one for you lmao
public service message. Help dogs and help put dog abusers in jail ...
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Leave you piece of shit
Sorry I'm not worthless piece of shit.
Be a voice, not an echo #LPB #quote
Dear fatass piece of shit loser douchebag first boyfriend,
did i deserved better than a piece of crap just a nasty low self ...
Happy Gilmore Quotes
old phone
piece" of shit
like you
He's a Piece Of Shit!
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... fat ass so i am a fan of this comment for that fat piece of shit db
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You are such a lovely piece of shit
love you, you piece of shit
THOR SUI GA (a piece of shit)
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... house that does you piece of shit don t leave it on the streets
Ignorant piece of shit
no idea how much I hate that author for writing up that piece of shit ...