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Pulp existed for 12 years before we got famous. Now, you could say that was just lack of imagination, but it's some kind of quality isn't it? Tenacity. You could also say it was sloth.

Jarvis Cocker

Absurdity is what I like most in life, and there's humor in struggling in ignorance. If you saw a man repeatedly running into a wall until he was a bloody pulp, after a while it would make you laugh because it becomes absurd.

David Lynch

Every new medium has, within a short time of its introduction, been condemned as a threat to young people. Pulp novels would destroy their morals, TV would wreck their eyesight, video games would make them violent.

Hanna Rosin

'Pulp Fiction' was probably one of the first films I ever saw that really kind of took effect on me. I was about four years old - obviously wasn't supposed to be seeing that film; my sister kind of sneaked it out and we got to see it. She's older than me. That was something I always used to watch.

Aaron Johnson

I can remember when 'Pulp Fiction' came out. I was, like, 10 years old. But I remember the impact that it had.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

I always loved the verve and vivacity of pulp and I kind of merged it with my own interest in family stories.

Daniel Woodrell

I grew up reading comic books, pulp books, mystery and science fiction and fantasy. I'm a geek; I make no pretensions otherwise. It's the stuff that I love writing about. I like creating worlds.

David S. Goyer

The once inviolate frame within which programs or commercials were displayed on television - always separately - has been violated to a pulp. Program content is seen increasingly as a mere backdrop on which ads are posted like billboards on a fence.

Tom Shales

'Pulp Fiction' is an amazing film, and I haven't made one nearly as good.

Martin McDonagh

I'm a fan of parchment and wood pulp.

Daniel Clowes

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