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Picard double facepalm meme when the fail is so strong one facepalm is ...
Good Thinking, Genius
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Captain Picard Facepalm
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Captain Picard Facepalm
Picard Facepalm...
One Pervy Captain Picard...a man after my own heart
Captain_Picard_is_Pleased_by_cptmeatman.jpg [8451] | Jean-Luc Picard ...
... macro that features Picard and Riker facepalming at the same time
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Captain Picard Facepalm Meme
Captain Picard Facepalm Text
glad the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden was secret, so no Republican ...
Picard Win Picard full of win
Fanboy Debate: Captian Kirk vs Captain Picard
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Star Trek Captain Picard Meme
Picard Facepalm gif
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start cat double worf implied tactical jesus thirdparty wrong video ...
Captain Picard Meme Star Trek The Next Generation
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... not to destroy. And yet look at what we have just done.” – Picard
Jean-Luc Picard Quotes
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Captain Picard Why The Meme...
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... charming. I can see the family resemblance.” – Captain Janeway
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Random Lord Zedd's facepalm
Captain Picard doing what he does best: WINNING!
Captain Picard Meme Facepalm
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