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According to 'Star Trek' mythos, Starfleet Command - operational headquarters for a flotilla of craft that keep the cosmic peace - is located in San Francisco's Presidio, in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge (still carrying traffic, even in the 23rd century).

Seth Shostak

The thing about 'Star Trek' is that it is not judgmental. You can do what ever you want, within reason.

Marina Sirtis

I started off as a 'Star Trek' fan, and to be able to work on the series was a great honor.

Manny Coto

I've always been a fan of science fiction. My family, we all used to watch 'Star Trek' together, which is kind of a nerdy family activity.

Olivia Wilde

I'm a geek - I read fantasy novels, I play 'World of Warcraft,' I'm a massive gamer, I have 'Star Trek' outfits.

Robert Kazinsky

Star Trek has brought so much of what I want within my grasp.

DeForest Kelley

I've spent a lot of time researching the subject and government deception. So to be involved in Star Trek is perfect for me. I enjoy meeting the fans and discussing my interests with them.

Dwight Schultz

I had come to the point when I realized it was unlikely that my film career was going to move beyond a certain level of role. And I was - because I had graphic instances of it - handicapped by the success of Star Trek. A director would say, 'I don't want Jean-Luc Picard in my movie' - and this was compounded by X-Men as well.

Patrick Stewart

'Star Trek' says that it has not all happened, it has not all been discovered, that tomorrow can be as challenging and adventurous as any time man has ever lived.

Gene Roddenberry

I don't think you ever leave Star Trek for good.

Jonathan Frakes

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