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To measure the success of our societies, we should examine how well those with different abilities, including persons with autism, are integrated as full and valued members.

Ban Ki-moon

Those who won our independence... valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.

Louis D. Brandeis

The worth of a civilization or a culture is not valued in the terms of its material wealth or military power, but by the quality and achievements of its representative individuals - its philosophers, its poets and its artists.

Herbert Read

Many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they're not - because the thing they were good at at school wasn't valued, or was actually stigmatized.

Ken Robinson

I guess what really forms you as a person is what you do within your family to receive love or attention. In my family, what you had to do to receive attention was to have good conversation at the dinner table or for me to do well at school, and those were really my focuses because that was what was valued the most.

Emma Watson

Health is not valued till sickness comes.

Thomas Fuller

Writing for the page is only one form of writing for the eye. Wherever solemn inscriptions are put up in public places, there is a sense that the site and the occasion demand a form of writing which goes beyond plain informative prose. Each word is so valued that the letters forming it are seen as objects of solemn beauty.

James Fenton

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

J. R. R. Tolkien

On a normal day, we value heroism because it is uncommon. On Sept. 11, we valued heroism because it was everywhere.

Nancy Gibbs

Employers have recognized for some time that it's smart business to have a diverse workforce - one in which many views are represented and everyone's talents are valued. Well, disability is part of diversity.

Thomas Perez

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Value Quotes
Value yourself quote
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... do not value for what you can do for them. They simply value you
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Valued Quotes
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Value Quotes
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