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... Wash had a mustache? Who doesn’t love a good flashback mustache
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Don't damage his calm, lol!
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The Joss Whedon script for "Serenity," where Wash lives, is
Firefly Serenity Wash - Pilot extraordinaire.
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Firefly Zoe and Wash
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Hoban "Wash" Washburne (in a flashback), "Firefly" (Apologies for the ...
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Firefly Dinosaurs by AquaticFishy
Firefly quotes from our beloveds.
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Oh Wash, I love you. I suddenly realized there wasn't nearly enough ...
Firefly quote shirt - Wash's dinosaurs! by mynameis_jinx
Wash Firefly Quotes Favourite firefly moment.
Wash quotes. Firefly. "We gotta go to the crappy town where I'm a hero ...
13 Shiny Firefly Quotes To Brighten Up Your Gorram Day
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Firefly. Interesting: Oh God Oh God. We're all gonna die?
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Firefly / Serenity Quotes by Tom Trager
Firefly. Everyone needs a Wash in their life.
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'interesting'." - "Oh god, oh god, we're gonna die." #Firefly #wash ...
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You live on a spaceship, dear." - Zoe and Wash Firefly gifs
And now, dear reader, I am Joss Whedon's slave.
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Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal On Firefly